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Data Governance & Science

Ensure Compliance Manage Risk & Impact 

Following the release of the 12 European sustainability reporting standards (ESRS), it is Key to have HSE Data that are representative, traceable and scientifically defensible, in order to Manage Compliance and to back-up Green & Social Claims while minimizing the risk associated with greenwashing

WITREC® DG  platform facilitates and simplifies the arduous task of collecting, managing, reporting and communicating HSE Data transformed into KPIs for different purposes (ESG Compliance, SDGs Management, ISO standards ...)

In a modular and flexible way WITREC® DG

  • HSEQ processes and workflows with related digital registration and                related measurements

  • Data from continuous sources (online measuring equiment)

  • Data from discrete sources  (testing laboratories, Legacy Systems)

Using WITREC® View web app it is possible:

  • view status, trends and correlations between the Measurement of interest

  • receive warnings whenever a parameter or trend approaches or exceeds a limit

  • to be a follower of the activities

By using WITREC® applications one can minimize the costs associated to Compliance Management!

We have verticalizations for the following business Chemicals, Oil & Gas, Utilities & Waste Treatment, TICC, Sustainable Agriculture and GHG Monitoring (Green House Gases)

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HSE Monitoring

System Integration Services

We provide our customers with our experience in measuring flows at the soil-atmosphere and water-atmosphere interfaces for the integration of measurement systems in the industrial, geochemical, volcanological and agricultural sectors.

All data and measurements are managed in a single environment, where traceability and scientific defensibility is ensured through the best practices of Data Verification and Validation by AI in WITREC® DG

Our technologically advanced instrumentation 
is managed by software designed to operate within the UNI EN ISO 17025 accreditation schemes  WITREC® online data LIMS
supports all types of connectivity for autonomous data transfer to WITREC® DG

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Data Quality Management

HSE Data Verification and Validation

The processes within the Data Quality Management module within WITREC® DG carry out Syntactic, Semantic checks on Data Quality and their Integrity to minimize the risk related to the use of unknown quality measures to support Compliance and Certification schemes

With our 20+ years of experience in the HSE analysis sector, we carry out Inspection and Consulting activities for the Verification and Validation of measurements to be used in ESRS Schemes: Sampling, Online Analysis, Analysis in fixed or mobile stations (Legal Proof, US EPA, chemical, physical and microbiological analyses) .

With our specialized support, you can minimize either the risk related to NON Scientifically Defensible Business Decisions or the probability of having misleading Data in your databases which may keep you from actuating AI based prevention through WITREC® DG capabilities

Master Risk and Impact monitoring related to SDGs, ESRS-ESGs, mandatory and voluntary Technical Standards, whose impact is material and measurable like those related to HSE

Manage the referential integrity of all your company's Product, Process and Service Data

Strengthen the transparency of your HSE process with our Measurement, Verification and Data Validation solutions