Thearen is an IP company with the mission of reconciling economic development with business sustainability through 4 key values:

Innovation: Data Governance and Data Science Technologies for Industries 4.0, Lean Processes, Data Science, Sensing as a Service)

Effective Sustainability: Technologies for referential integrity and the traceability management to ensure that processes and data at the foundation of ESG metrics and other technical standards are scientifically defensible and reliable. Solutions in the Circular Economy and Sustainable Production fields

Responsible Investment: Industrial / financial projects based on vertical integration of proprietary technologies:

  • AGROFINS (start up for Sustainable Agritech and Circular Economy)

  • Attività di M&A con partner finanziari e partner industriali.​

Social Responsibiliy: Safeguarding the Environment and the Cultural Heritage: ABBADIA di STURA I TEMPLARI (Onlus)

Thearen industrial vision reconciles economic development with long-term sustainability.

We thrill our customers with the simplicity and usability of our technological innovations, to keep pace with external changes.

We are constantly fascinated by innovation and inspire the adoption of cutting-edge systems for environmental management, safety, health and well-being, creating eclectic, coherent and ethical experiences, generating competitive advantages by rethinking the way to use and manage the data available to carry out predictive analyzes, optimizing workflows, ensuring legislative compliance and effective business sustainability through productivity at lower costs, especially on "non-core" processes with the reduction of entrepreneurial risks.

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