We firmly believe that Sustainability and Innovation are the basis of economic development (Paolo Rossi Odello, President & CEO).

We thrill our customers with the simplicity and usability of our technologies..

We inspire the adoption of cutting-edge systems for HSE Management, well-being, collaboration and social impact:

We create eclectic, coherent and ethical experiences, generating competitive advantages, optimizing workflows, ensuring legislative compliance and effective business sustainability through productivity at lower costs, especially on "non-core" processes with a reduction in business risks.

Our mission is to reconcile Economic Development with Business Sustainability and Innovation through 3 key values

Innovation: "disruptive innovations can come from anywhere". We are currently focussing on:

  • provide HSE Solutions for Compliance Management, Risk Reduction and Increase Consent Integrate

  • provide technologies for Renewable Energy, CO2 Reduction and for Initiatives based on the Circular Economy

Impact Impact Investments: industrial/financial projects on verticalization of proprietary technologies

  • LPM - Agrofins (Impact Building & Flex Renting, Circular Economy, Energy)

  • Partnership with LIncipit (Origination & Management Company for Sustainable Projects)

Social Resposibility: Safeguarding the Environment and Cultural Heritage by reconciling Beauty, Sustainability and Inclusion in an innovative way: ABBADIA di STURA I TEMPLARI (Onlus)

Il nostro team